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Hawaii is where all the beautiful tropical flowers of the world come together to find soil conditions, rainfall, temperature, humidity, sunshine, and fresh air to their liking. Optimum growing conditions for Bromeliad, Ginger and Heliconia are found on the rainforest sides of the Hawaiian Islands. The 3 distinct groups, based on their common names, breaks down to their more specific botanical names.

BROMELIADS are epiphytic (air plants).

Origin: Caribbean and South America.
Aechmea and Guzmania

GINGER is a broad class of Tropicals.

Origin: Indo-Malaysia
Gingers were brought to Hawaii by early Polynesians for medicinal, herbal (species), natural dye, as a sacred component and for ornamental uses.
Calathea: Over 150 species of the Arrowroot family; chief source of starch.
Costus: Over 200 species.
Curcuma: ‘Olena’ is turmeric, major ingredient in curry.
Etlingera: 25+ species.
Tapeinochiolos: Introduced to Hawaii in 1959.
Zingiber: Over 80 species.

HELICONIA family is comprised of 90+ species.

Origin: Caribbean, Central & South America.
Caribaea specie: Was brought to Hawaii in 1958.
Psittacorum: Was introduced to Hawaii in 1950.

Tropicals are big cut flower commodity in Hawaii. The sheer size of some of the varieties makes them the perfect choice for bold and exquisite party design. They can last without water for up to 3 days without showing signs of stress so they are useful for spectacular exhibition design work.

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