Cut Foliage

Hawaii grows the best selection of tropical foliages than any other single growing area of the world. Hawaiian culture steeps in traditional use of many of the foliages for ceremonial purposes, in their dance (Hula), in their gifting (leis), as well as in food preparation, etc. There are more Ti Leaf (Cordyline fruticose) varieties than you might ever imaging, with many varieties have been hybridized in Hawaii.

The general size of a single tropical foliage may range from a few inches to upwards of 6 ft. You might guess that Hawaii has a lush forest cover experiencing rainfall in excess of 140” per year.

Sample Categories of Foliages include:

  • Alocasia: origin Indo-Malaysia

  • Anthurium: origin Tropical America

  • Calathea: origin Amazon Basin, South America

  • Cordyline: origin Indo-Malaysia

  • Dracaena: origin India and Southeast Asia

  • Fern: origin Australia, some are indigenous or native to Hawaii

  • Monstera: origin Central America

  • Palm: origin Japan, Central America, Madagascar and Southeast Asia

  • Philodendron: origin Central America and Brazil

The are many uses for tropical foliage as there is an abundance of shapes, textures and sizes.